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Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support, and sending the letters, the President gave his VETO.
Yet it is just halfway to the success, now we have to send letters to the Parliament Clubs so the members of the parliaments do not reject this VETO but accept it.  

We count on your help once again - the most needed one. When approving the latest veto there was a majority of only 3 votes so every vote pro veto is of extreme importance and will help saving the suffering of thousands of animals used for testing and experiments.

On behalf of these animals I ask your help!


To: Members of the Parliament (or: Chairman of the Parliament)

I appeal to you to ACCEPT the President’s veto to the Animal Experiments Law. In comparison to the present animal protection legislation it will seriously deteriorate the existence of animals used for experiments, and due to incorrect definition of the experiment itself - it does not meet one of the basic requirements of EU law. 

Worse protection of the animals used for tests is not justified with any scientific reasons. The only argument given by the Government was “the necessity to adjust our legislation to EU law”. But in reality, presently valid Act of Law is adjusted to that law; not only does it meet EU standards included under outdated Instruction No. 609/86 but also takes under consideration current works on its alternation. 

New law is wrong for the following reasons:

  1. it allows the tests of cosmetic, hygienic, and industrial products without any control whatsoever;
  2. it precludes various commissions for the ethics of animal testing from checking whether the tests are accorded to the permits issued.

I strongly believe you will not allow the situation when the worse law – i.e., animal testing law - replaces the better one, i.e., this clause of current Animal Protection Law which says about the experiments on animals.

Your respectfully,
(name, last name



The addresses Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament:

Marszalek Sejmu (Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament)
Mr. Marek Borowski:

Wicemarszalek Sejmu (Vice Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament)
Mr. Tomasz Nalecz:

Wicemarszalek Sejmu (Vice Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament)
Mr. Donald Tusk:

Wicemarszalek Sejmu (Vice Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament)
Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski:

Please send our request to people you know, the friends of animals, 
and pro-animal organisations.


Urge Polish Parliament to Uphold Presidents Veto 
of Changes to Animal Protection Act